SCAN is developed as an open source software project hosted by

How to help

There is a plenty of options for those who want to contribute into SCAN development:

Getting the source code

SCAN Subversion repository can be checked out with the following SVN command:

$ svn co scan

The command will create new ‘scan/‘ subdirectory with full SCAN sourcecode tree inside.

The sourcecode tree consists of few modules, including main platform module (SCAN) and a number of modules of the SCAN plugins. To check out a specific module only, use the command:

$ svn co modulename

Note that the code in trunk may be unstable. To obtain a stable sourcecode snapshot of a specific SCAN release, look at the tags‘ repository section:

$ svn co scan-release

or, of a specific module release:

$ svn co modulename-release

The ‘release‘ is SCAN official release number (1.0, 1.1, etc).

See also:

Building sourcecode

For building SCAN sourcecode, the following software need to be installed:

Please note: SVN modules do not contain third-party dependency libraries used in SCAN. Before building the sourcecode, you need to copy all JAR files from the ‘lib/‘ subdirectories of your SCAN installation and plugin directories into the ‘lib/‘ subdirectories of the respective sourcecode modules.

To build a sourcecode module, cd to the module directory and execute a build file:

$ ant [command]

Where the commands are:

  • jar (default) - Compile the sourcecode and create a JAR file
  • compile - Compile the sourcecode
  • dist - Create new module distribution in the ‘dist/’ subdirectory
  • javadoc - Generate module javadocs in the ‘doc/javadoc/’ subdirectory
  • clean - Clean all module builds, javadocs and distributions

The plugin build files support two additional commands:

  • install - Install the plugin into the ‘plugins/’ directory of the main SCAN module.
  • uninstall - Uninstall the plugin from the main SCAN module.

By default, the build system expects that the structure of sourcecode modules matches the structure of SVN repository trunk. If you use a custom modules structure, edit the ‘‘ files of the plugin modules to set a correct path to the main SCAN module directory in the ‘scan.dir‘ property.