SCAN plugins are optional additional features installed separately at users will. You can install, upgrade and remove plugins via Plugins Management panel (”Tools → Manage plugins”).

You also can install a plugin by unpacking its distribution archive file into ‘plugins’ directory of SCAN installation directory (see “Installation and running” in user’s manual).

Document type plugins

Document type (DT) plugins are the optional parsers for specific document formats. After installing a DT plugin, the documents of new type will be recognized and indexed by SCAN.

The following DT plugins are available:

Location type plugins

Location type (LT) plugins enable to add documents from other locations, besides basic local directories. After installing a LT plugin, new item will appear in “Collection > Add documents” program menu.

User interface plugins

User interface (UI) plugins add new panels (tabs) to the main screen of SCAN and optionally, new items in the program menu.

Language plugins

Language plugins are text analyzers for stemming the words according the rules of specific languages. Currently, SCAN supports analyzers for 11 languages “out of the box” and no additional language plugins are implemented. This feature is mainly for programmers who want to extend the SCAN platform with support of his/her native language.