Download SCAN

System requirements

SCAN requires Oracle Java 2 Runtime Environment (JRE) 6.x or 7.x.

Download Java 2 Runtime Environment for your platform.


Using ZIP distribution (all platforms):

Unpack the downloaded SCAN distribution file (scan-***.zip) into a directory of your choice.

Using Windows installer (Windows only):

Execute the downloaded installer (scan-***.exe) and follow the instructions.

See also: User’s Manual, “1. Installation and running”.

Plugins installation

In SCAN download area you can find a number of the plugins for additional features. Plugins are installed by users choice.

Manual plugin installation (all versions)

After downloading a plugin, unpack it into ‘plugins/‘ subdirectory of the SCAN installation. The plugin directory should be a direct subdirectory of ‘plugins/‘. Alternatively, *NIX users may unpack a plugin distributive in a random location and create symbolic links to add new plugins into the SCAN ‘plugins/‘ directory.

Automatic plugin installation (version 1.2 and higher)

Open plugins management dialog (”Tools → Manage plugins…”), select a plugin and click “Install”.

SCAN is needed to be restarted to finish plugin installation.

Subscribe to new releases

You can get notifications about new SCAN file releases using RSS feed:


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