What’s new in 1.3 version

Faceted metadata navigation

SCAN 1.3 introduces major enhancement in browsing the document collections — navigation by metadata properties.

The “Browse” tab is extended with the widgets for browsing and selecting the values of navigational properties (”facets”), such as document path, author, creation date and language. Selection of a specific value will bring you with a list of the documents matching this metadata property.

Note also that the “Date” property widget can replace existing “Dates” panel plugin functionality.

Document annotations

New “Notes” property provides a way to attach user’s annotations and comments to the documents. While “Description” is thought as a document summary, supposedly coming from a document content, the “Notes” is completely user-edited. And yes, it is searchable.

Notes editing is convenient with a special dialog box calling by the toolbar button or Document menu item.

New “Document properties” dialog

Document properties dialog is redesigned to edit common metadata properties more efficiently. Now it is possible to edit document tags at the same time with properties and assign a document author either by entering a name or selecting it from the list of existing authors.

New Notes property (see above) can also be edited on a special tab of the document properties dialog.

Edit multiple documents at once

It is possible to assign the property values for multiple documents in a batch mode. Just select multiple documents, open “Document properties” dialog and enter the values you want to set for all these documents.

Language auto-detection

Language detection mechanism improves the quality of indexing the multilingual collections. When adding new location, set the location language as “Mixed” and SCAN will determine the language of each document and will choose an appropriate analyzer to parse this document.

Language detector is based on Ngram4J library.

New MS Office documents plugin

MS Office users may be sure that all their documents (not only “.doc”) are SCANnable now. New MS Office document type plugin (based on Apache POI API) introduces support of Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats with parsing document metadata.

Windows installer

SCAN installation on a Windows platform is snap with the standard Windows installer. Just download and start it to get SCAN installed on your machine with the shortcuts placed onto the desktop and Start menu. The uninstaller is provided as well.

New logo and icons artwork