Mail plugin

SCAN Mail plugin integrates your email store with SCAN. The plugin introduces new location type to retrieve the messages from local mail folders and put them into the repository together with files, web-pages and other documents. Each email message is treated as a unique text document with metadata properties retrieved from the message headers (subject, sender, date etc). In addition, the attached files of known types are extracted from the messages and processed as the separate documents using installed Document Type plugins.

Mail plugin supports different types of the email clients (depending on a mail storage format):

  • mbox-based: Mozilla Thunderbird/Seamonkey, Netscape, Evolution, KMail, Opera Mail (<9.20)
  • Maildir-based: Evolution, KMail, Opera Mail 9.20+
  • Outlook Express 5.0/6.0 (.dbx format)

When adding new mailbox location, the plugin attempts to detect an installed email client and a path to the mail directory depending on your platform and selected client type. The plugin supports fetching the messages from a specified mail folder (e.g. “Inbox” only) and recursive crawling of the mail folders. The plugin includes an embedded mail viewer for opening the email messages by default.

The plugin uses GNU JavaMail API implementation and jmbox JavaMail provider for Outlook Express.

Download SCAN Mail plugin.