What’s new in 1.1 version

Del.icio.us location plugin

New Location Type plugin imports your Del.icio.us bookmarks and tags into the SCAN repository, putting them into the single seamless semantic space together with your local documents and syndication feed items.

Multiple tags browsing

Now it is possible to select more than one tags in the “Tags” panel to view the documents of all selected tags. Just use Ctrl+click to add a tag to selection.

Also the tag operations - such as autopopulation and deletion, are the group operations now.

Tags group highlighting

Taxonomy navigation is improved with new tags group highlighting feature. When you select a tag in the “Tags” panel, SCAN highlights the related tags you might want to see also. Highlighting intensity reflects the “closeness” to the selected tag.

Group highlighting also works in tags selector of the “Edit document tags” dialog, where it helps to explore the tag set and select the tags, relevant to a document.

TagClusters panel plugin

TagClusters pluginAnother improvement of taxonomy navigation is new TagClusters panel plugin. The plugin extends the user interface with a new panel for visualizing the selected tags as overlapping document clusters. It uses new Tags group feature (see above) for finding the groups of related tags, so that a single tag selection visualizes a whole network of its semantic neighbors.

Multiple applications to open the documents

Now, you are not limited of using a single handler program to open the documents of a specific type. You can set different applications for each document type and select which one should be used to open a document (in “Document > Open document with” menu). Yo also can define an application to be used by default (with “Open document” command).

On Windows and Mac platforms, default “Open document” command usesĀ  your system file associations. You don’t need to set a default application for each document type explicitly.

Welcome screen and online help

Newcomers would find that starting to work with SCAN is much easier with the Welcome screen. The Welcome screen pops up automatically when your repository is empty and proposes a quick start with adding the document locations right now, along with the links to some useful readings on the SCAN web site.

The Help menu is extended with items to open the online User’s manual, Plugins page and the bug tracker.