TagClusters panel plugin

TagClusters plugin TagClusters plugin is a user interface extension for taxonomy visualization.

The plugin adds an extra panel with the tags selector and the graphical map representing the selected tags as overlapping colorized clusters of the documents. Using TagClusters it is easy to find how the selected tags relate each other via the documents they have in common. A group of the tags to visualize can be either selected manually, or automatically by finding the tags relevant to a selected one. In the latter case, a user can visualize a whole network of interrelated tags by selecting a single tag only.

TagClusters plugin supports zooming the clusters map and exporting it to PNG image file. The plugin uses Aduna Cluster Map library for clusters visualization.

Note: The plugin requires SCAN version 1.1 and higher. Users of the 1.0 version should upgrade their SCAN installations to use this plugin.

Download SCAN TagClusters panel plugin.